Some of our friends have their own presence in the internet. We are sure that they are as glad as we are should you decide to visit them. Examples: Désirée Brodka is a Soprano and was the first German opera singer to receiver a Fulbright sholarship. On her website, you will find information on her scheduled performances, audio and video samples, her curriculum vitae and much more. The homepage of the Salmang family in the internet. Ari Salmang is a long time friend and knows his way in the media and advertisement industry very well. The homepage of the consulting company of another long-time friend, Jacques Abramowicz. Jacques Abramowicz is an experienced and reliable advisor in financial matters. The homepage of the Hilton hotel chain. Herman Ehrlich is a General Manager there and currently located in Osaka, Japan. © Gregor Duschkin 2011