© Gregor Duschkin 2011 The branch Niedl Dipl.-Vwt. Gregor Duschkin Madeleine Duschkin geb. Schugens Armin Duschkin +2003 Johanna Duschkin + 2001 Gretl Jakob Duschkin + 2010 Sophie Ehrlich geb. Duschkin Nathan “Thanny” Ehrlich +1985 Mag. Brigitte Niedl geb. Duschkin Dr. Rainer Niedl Barbara Niedl Anna Niedl Herman Ehrlich You-Ping Ehrlich Deborah Ehrlich The branch Duschkin The branch Ehrlich Here is an overview of our family members and the branches along which the family is currently developing Dear Schugens’, there’s too many of you for this picture - hence there will be your own. Just click on Madeleine below or the Schugens name here in the text. In case a visitor is inrerested to learn more about any of the family members, just click the name and should that family member decide to share more information, it will be displayed. Sarena Ehrlich Sepp Jakob + Katharina Duschkin +1995 Josef “Pepi” Sturm The branch Sturm Mag. Karin Duschkin Josef-Maximilian Sturm Anna Sturm KR Josef Sturm